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Our Digital Publications offer:

  • Viewable with any common Web browser
    Page flipping
  • Page Streaming
  • Page Manipulation
  • Page Zoom
  • Thumbnail Navigation
  • Table of Contents
  • Share this FlipBook with your Friend
  • File compatibility
  • Web links
  • Advertisement on Book Background
  • Print WYSIWYG Style
  • Offline reading
  • Content Encryption
  • FlipBook Tracking

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Get The 3D Feel That Your Shareholders Are Used To With FlipBooks

Digital Flip® technology gives a very realistic page flipping action to turning the page of the e-report. As the reader clicks to turn the page, the page flips across the screen in a very realistic way just as if they had turned the page of a hard copy report.

This 3D annual report design also gives a visible thickness to the report that is in proportion to the number of its pages. This allows the reader to thumb through the report with the mouse in a most realistic manner. Effectively the report becomes visually the same as its hard copy version.

The FlipBook Annual Report is also searchable. This means that the reader can look up any words by typing in the word or term into the search box and clicking the mouse. They will then be taken straight to the spot in the report they need. Not something that can be done with a hard copy Annual Report.

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