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  • KinPro Communications
  • AAC Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Dimensions Digital
  • Multicoat Product Systems
  • Associated Millworkers and Distributors
  • Bluebook International
  • The Goat Program
  • Bridge Water Industries
  • Zenith Rug International
  • Electron Microscopy Sciences
  • Mario Industries
  • Reliance Lamps
  • Mario Passport Furniture
  • Lampshades By Mario
  • Mario Contract Lighting

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Digital World Publishing provides a unique digital publication service that is all about taking your publication live and making it more successful.


flash magazines

Provides your visitors with an online dynamic digital publication that can be accessed from any computer. Reduce costs in print and distribution and publish your own products. Eliminate the need for a publisher and display, sell and market your work on your own website!

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email marketing

This service is an option provided to clients that have an established email list of visitors to their website. Sending an effective email newsletter is a powerful way to stay in regular touch with your customers or members.

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cd dvd creation

Convert your print catalogs and powerpoint presentations into a dynamic portable digital publication. Easily distribute catalogs, brochures, presentations and more while reducing your paper consumption!

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Digital World Publishing offers digital conversion services that convert your PDF or JPG files into dynamic Digital Newsletters, Catalogs, Books, Magazines, Brochures and Presentations.Once converted there are several ways to deliver your digital publication to your target audience. Click the flipping image below to view a demo of one of our latest projects.

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The Highest Quality FlipBooks For Online Publishing

Digital World Publishing shows the way for online magazine publishing with its FlipBook Publishing Solution. With E-Book Systems patented Digital Flip® technology we can start publishing digital magazines that are of the highest quality and easy to read.

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3D Digital Flip® Reality For Your Online Publishing

The Digital Flip® technology gives a realistic page flipping effect in use. As the reader clicks to turn the page, the page flips across the screen in a very realistic 3D effect just like turning the page of a tangible magazine.

The e-magazine also has a 3D visible thickness that can be thumbed through using the mouse. All in all the reader has the comfort of using an e-magazine that looks very similar to the paper version they can buy in the news agency. Effectively the e-magazine is intuitively the same as the magazines the reader has been brought up with. Unlike other e-publishing programs which can force you to move downwards from page to page in an endless scroll, it has a much more natural feel to the reading process.

The Quickest, Most Cost Effective And Best Form Of Publishing Available To You Today

Coupled with the ability to add video, animations, music, embedded links and search function, you can now offer a truly multimedia online magazine that is possible with a hard copy magazine. And so much cheaper than real world publishing with no printing, paper or delivery costs.

For and in-depth look at digital publishing and open-source learning, pease watch the video below.

Digital World Publishing appreciates the challenges you have as a publisher; paper costs are increasing as are domestic and international mailing costs. To be a successful publisher you need to maintain ever more entertaining formats and to consistently increase your marketable and definable readership. You want to satisfy your advertisers with high reader click through rates. Digital World Publishing knows the digital marketing business and can help you achieve the results you need. We free you from digital creation, marketing and management chores in order to let you do the editorial creating you most desire to do.

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